Youtube Video Topic Submission (Support a Seminarian)

Youtube Video Topic Submission (Support a Seminarian)

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If you'd like to generously support my family with more than $10, all you have to do is increase the quantity on your order. 

Thank you so very much in advance!

I left my teaching career of 12 years behind to become a student again.  I'm a seminarian student at Concordia St. Louis in a program designed to lead to ordination in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  In short, I'm studying to be a Bible confessing pastor. 

My wife is staying home with our kids while I go to class, read, study, and write.  To provide a venue by which you can support us financially during this two year process of becoming a pastor, without just throwing money at us, I've created the "Youtube Video Topic Submission" product. 

For $10 you can submit any topic or question to me and I'll answer it in a Youtube video that is at least one minute long. I'll email you to get your topic submission after I receive the payment that contains your email information, or you can beat me to the punch and you can email me the topic after submitting your payment.  My email is