Support Contradict (YouTube Video Request)

Support Contradict (YouTube Video Request)

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If you'd like to generously support Contradict with more than $20, all you have to do is increase the quantity on your order. 

Thank you so very much in advance!

I left my teaching career of 12 years behind to become a pastor in 2018.  I was ordained a pastor in 2021.  Contradict is a passion ministry of mine since 2012.  The mission of Contradict Movement is to equip Christians to share and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our pluralistic age.  Contradict Movement has quite a bit of overhead for the amount of sells that I have on the site.

For $20 you can submit any topic or question to me and I'll answer it in a Youtube video that is at least one minute long. I'll email you to get your topic submission after I receive the payment that contains your email information, or you can beat me to the punch and you can email me the topic after submitting your payment.  My email is