Bumper Sticker Theology (A Five Session Series)

Bumper Sticker Theology (A Five Session Series)

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Downloadable PDF that contains:

  • Five participant print-out guides
  • Five leader’s guides
  • Linked video resources
  • Linked podcast resources
  • Discussion questions and answers suitable for high school to adult settings

Topics addressed:

  • Certainty of salvation in Christ vs. the uncertainty in other religions
  • What is love?
  • The peace of Jesus vs. the peace of the world
  • If Jesus brings peace, why is he so divisive?
  • Who is Melchizedek?
  • Logical fallacies
  • General revelation vs. Special revelation
  • The seven “I Am” statements of Jesus
  • Christian exclusivism
  • Does Christianity have pagan origins?

This series of group discussions takes a look at five religiously themed statements taken from real bumper stickers.  The goal of these discussions is to prepare Christians to share and defend the good news of Jesus Christ when common bumper sticker objections to Christianity are encountered.  The discussions are also designed to serve as opportunities for interfaith discussions to give the Christian leader an opportunity to teach the Bible’s true message concerning the sticker’s misrepresentation of the Christian worldview. 

Each session contains a printable participant’s guide and leader’s guide.  To avoid copyright or trademark infringement, images of the bumper stickers are not contained in this series.  To better facilitate the discussion, a visual of the sticker is suggested.  A link to a site that sells the sticker for each discussion is provided, so that an image of the sticker can be downloaded for projection, or printing on the backside of the participant’s guide.  The leader’s guides each contain a link to a video that can serve as a resource for introducing the discussion and possible answers for each question.  Each discussion has questions that lend themselves to reading Scripture, so these guides can serve for Bible Study settings, not just group discussions.